During this class you will learn:
• Are “bonus” annuities good or bad (hint: it’s in the fine print)?
• How the newer CD-type annuities work and why they pay a higher rate
• How the fixed indexed annuity really works and how to find the best contracts
• Are “lifetime income riders” worth the fee that you pay?
• Who insures annuities, and why it is imperative that you understand these limits
• How to get an annuity that will pay you a long-term health care insurance benefit, and how to know if you qualify for tax-free growth on these
• How to analyze whether your current annuity is good, mediocre, or terrible, and how to fix the bad ones
• Using IRS code 1035(a) to improve your old annuity policy without paying any income taxes.  You may even be able to turn” tax deferred” into “tax free”