The mention of La Villita ignites visions of that annual Fiesta event called Night in Old San Antonio (NIOSA)! Yet, do you know the origins of this village? What dramatic event happened here in 1819? Where did the residents of La Villita originate? Why were early 20th century businessmen rushing to La Villita to a certain house? What was Widow Womble really up to? What happened when Mayor Maury Maverick stumbled into La Villita in the 1930s? Bill Perryman will answer these questions and many more during a lively and engaging tour of the La Villita Historic District! Tour includes Listen Audio Technology for the listening ease and social distancing of each tour guest. Tour begins under the shade trees of Hemisfair Park directly across the street from the Fairmount Hotel at 401 South Alamo. Parking fees not included.